FROZEN–Story of My Life

anna elsa

Anna            Elsa

FROZEN–Story of My Life

When Queen Elsa was a girl, she accidentally struck the brain of her sister Anna with her power to freeze. Her parents took Anna to be healed by the rock troll chief. The chief told Elsa to control her powers, and to beware of fear, which would bring disaster from her powers. She and her parents heeded the first part of the warning, but failed to grasp the second part. Meaning well, Elsa’s parents told her to never leave her room and stay away from her sister, as well as the kingdom. They also told her to wear gloves in order to “conceal and not feel” her powers. Elsa quickly developed a spirit of fear.
My thoughts and imagination are a gift from God, to be used for His glory. A speaker in RCIA taught our class to keep our thoughts pure, but to beware of scrupulosity, which would wreck our lives, and others’. However, in my efforts to heed the first part of the warning, I failed to heed the second.
Elsa’s bedroom became a frozen, icy, cell, due to her growing fear. When she came out for her coronation day, Anna’s incessant pleading with her to return to a normal life, and ripping off one of her gloves in the process, sent Elsa into a nervous breakdown, in which she accidentally cast an eternal winter upon the kingdom and ran away. Later, when Anna came to her, again incessantly pleading, Elsa went into another nervous breakdown and accidentally struck Anna’s heart with her powers. Consulting the rock troll chief once more, Anna was told that the freezing of her heart was fatal, and she could only be saved through an “act of true love”.
My once-happy mind became a constant battlefield, and my scruples brought great suffering to others and to myself. Communion and Confession was received always with doubt and fear in the back of my mind trying to rob me of my joy and make me run away from Our Eucharistic Lord. This broke Jesus’ Heart also and made Him weep.
Anna later sacrifices her life to save Elsa instead of herself and this act of true love brings her back to life and teaches Elsa that “love thaws”, and through love, Elsa brings happiness to her kingdom, her sister, and herself.
Our Risen Lord’s self-sacrificing Love of Calvary, re-presented in the Most Holy Eucharist I beheld in our Perpetual Adoration Chapel, gave me the wisdom I needed to trade my fear for love and be at peace with myself and others once more. For if one remains deeply in love with Jesus, Jesus Himself will keep her from grave sin, and use her mind to bring joy to Himself and to the world.

frozen sisters

Anna                     Elsa

divine heart“Behold, this (the Sacred Heart of Jesus) will supply for all that is wanting in thee.” — Jesus

“One of the most admirable effects of Holy Communion is to preserve souls from falling, and to help those who fall from weakness to rise again. Therefore, it is much more profitable to approach the divine Sacrament frequently, with love, respect, and confidence, than to keep back from an excess of fear.”
— St. Ignatius Loyola (patron against scrupulosity)

“When I am at all worried, I go to my confessor, who shows me what is God’s Will; for Jesus Christ Himself assures us that he [the confessor] speaks with the voice of God.”
— St. Dominic Savio

“The new way of St. Therese is not to start thinking about how wicked you are, how sinful, but to begin looking at our Lord…..That’s the trouble. Our spiritual books tell us how to acquire humility. I told you about the 12 ways of St. Bernard. Well now, you’ll go crazy trying to develop those twelve ways. One of them is to love to be stomped on and trampled on. The Little Flower says, no, start loving the Lord, and then you’ll no longer be proud. You cannot start acquiring, for example, the virtue of humility of fortitude. You can never fall in love with an abstraction. You can only love a person. No one in the world ever fell in love with a theorem of geometry.”
— Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen

“And one of the novices–for she (St. Therese) was the Mistress of Novices–came to her one day, and said, ‘Oh, I have so many virtues to acquire.’ The Little Flower said, ‘No, you’ve got a lot of things to lose!'”
— Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen

“The demon, traitor that he is, knows well that he cannot make a soul who wills to belong wholly to the good God to commit (grave) sin. Therefore, he endeavors to persuade her that she (gravely) sins. That is a great deal gained. But it is not yet enough to satisfy his rage. He aims at something further. He wants to deprive Jesus of a beloved tabernacle (the person’s heart). Not being able himself to enter into the sanctuary (the person’s heart), he wishes that it may at least remain empty and without its Lord. What will become of such a heart? When the devil has succeeded in driving away a soul from Holy Communion, he has gained his ends, and Jesus weeps.” — St. Therese

“When you have loved [him] (Jesus) you shall be chaste”– St. Clare of Assisi’s First Letter to Blessed Agnes of Prague: FF, 2862

2 thoughts on “FROZEN–Story of My Life

  1. chinonye says:

    Hi Grace
    I like you suffer from scrupulousity. I’m a perfectionist as well and try to avoid every sin to the extent that I lack prudence in making some decisions for fear of committing sin. I suspect I have a subconscious fear of intimacy with God. I suppress my feelings a lot, sometimes I get confused over certain thoughts that pop up in my head. I feel as though my relationship with Jesus is all about avoiding sin and nothing more. Honestly if Jesus were to stand in front of me, I would run away from him due to shyness or awkwardness. I can’t really explain it.

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