St. Philomena, Patroness of My Vocational Journey

st philomena

St. Philomena is a very dear friend of mine and I have chosen her to be my special guide and patroness in my vocational journey, finding in her calling many similarities to St. Clare’s and mine:
The white martyrdom of consecrated virginity.
Like St. Clare, she was a noblewoman who renounced wealth to be Christ’s bride in holy poverty.
Young age.
Same feast day as St. Clare.
Assists priests in their vocation.
Spiritual missionary.
Deeply in love with her Bridegroom Jesus.
Intercessory prayer.

wonder worker
She is dearly loved by St. John Vianney (another of my most favorite saints) and many other popes and saints, and her miracles are even more famous than her life story. I can truly feel her miraculous presence leading me to be worthy bride like her, and working little wonders in my life.
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