My Passion Prayer for Priests

i lay down my life for the sheep

Lord Jesus, as Your faithful servants have given up everything to follow You in Your Passion, hear this prayer I offer for them in thanksgiving for Your sacrifice, and theirs.


By Your agonizing sweating of blood in Gethsemane, shield our priests from stress and all other interior agonies.

most precious blood

By Your cruel and unjust scourging, protect our priests from pains of the back.

crown of thorns

By Your awful crowning with thorns, may our priests be spared from headaches and other torments of the head.

via dolorosa

By Your excruciating carrying of the cross, sustain in our priests an ever high energy level with an abundant supply of supernatural strength.


By Your tortuous death on the cross and the spiritual darkness You suffered there, preserve our priests from desolation of spirit so they may always feel You near.

ihs and priest

Guide, guard, and bless our priests always so that they may never be without Your grace and favor. May they be constantly supplied with love, joy, and peace from above every moment of their lives. In Your Most Powerful Name, O Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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