Frozen Fever


Last Friday I went to see the new Cinderella movie (BEAUTIFUL!), which was preceded by a Disney short called Frozen Fever (a sorta sequel for the movie Frozen and Jesus again seemed to have a story to tell me.

let me take care of you

In this short film, it’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa is determined to make it the best birthday ever in order to make up for all the time they spent apart. She is so determined that she ignores the cold that has her in constant sneezing fits. As Elsa leads her sister down a long trail of birthday surprises, her cold grows worse and Anna tries to tell her take the day off and rest. Elsa denies the fact she’s ill and persists in unfolding her array of surprises for her sister. Delirious with fever, Elsa is finally forced to admit to her sister her poor health and feels like she has ruined everything. After tucking Elsa into bed, however, Anna tells Elsa that the best birthday present ever was being able to take care of her.


How often do we, overflowing with love for our Jesus, go all out trying give Him the best gifts ever. This makes us all the more disappointed when our human weakness gets in the way, and in our injured pride we don’t wish to admit our weakness to the Savior who longs to help us. After finally coming clean and feeling like a failure, Jesus wraps His arms around us and repeats Anna’s words: that the best gift ever is letting Him take care of us. Jesus sees our loving efforts, and no amount of messing up will shake His love for us.

jesus and me

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