Mad with Love…..

An amazing quote!

I Want to See God


You, Jesus Christ become Man; You, bread! Oh, to annihilate oneself, how little that would be! If you had left us a relic of Yourself it would be a sign of love worthy of our veneration, but you yourself remain knowing that you would be the object of profanation, sacrilege and ingratitude, abandoned. Are you, Lord, mad with love?”         (St.Teresa of the Andes OCD)


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2 thoughts on “Mad with Love…..

  1. Grace, so happy you liked the quote. This is one of the Saints I told you about….the little Carmelite from the Andes in Chile who died at age 19. She made her profession on her death bed. She actually helped me seal my OCDS vocation. I was watching her mini-series on EWTN the summer of 1995, and I was so taken with her that I knew it was a sign that I was to go ahead and begin the journey in Carmel. Of course, Therese is first in my heart, but I love this “little” Teresa as well. I bought the DVD series which EWTN showed. If you would like to borrow it, let me know. How is your Spanish? Don’t worry, there are subtitles, which were no problem. It is very well done. I loved the actress and wish she could have played Therese in the movie which came out about her later. Anyway, I don’t mean to push them on you, but if you’d like to borrow, would be happy to lend to you. I think it’s about 6 hours. If you let me know soon, I can mail with the other things. I’m almost off to see the King now! Prayers for you and your family and the Little Flowers 🙂 May your heart grow ever deeper in love with our Jesus. xoxo

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