For four years I have been singing this in Mass as a Catholic convert, not knowing its full power.  Then I come across this quote on a prayer card a friend sent me: “Every ‘Sanctus’ that you pray sanctifies the place where you stand and the time in which you stand.” –Gabriele Bitterlich, founder of Opus Angelorum.  It is amazing how deep our Faith is!  I’m always making new discoveries!

This post is dedicated to St. Paul.

4 thoughts on “Sanctus

  1. Mark T. says:

    Ah ha! Now you are discovering many of the hidden beauties that lie within Our Faith and Holy Mother Church! Everything has a meaning to it within the Liturgy and some of them are so subtle, yet so profound it almost takes your breath away when you realize all the thought and Love of God that went into it.

    God Bless!

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