My New Blog

Started a second blog to defend my dear country from the evils that threaten her true identity as “One nation under God”. Enjoy!

Spiritual Army for the Soul of America

God bless America!

For a while now, especially since the Supreme Court voted to approve “gay marriage”, people have been falling into two traps. Some people blindly follow the majority’s views and believe the lie that the liberal ideals now being circulated and corrupting our nation are part of America’s identity and that to not follow them makes you a “hater”, “bigot”, and “un-American”. Others despair of our country and begin to turn against her in their hearts (with some even going so far as to say they hate her, or burn the flag, or call her evil because of the evil things that have been happening in her lately), also thinking of the liberal ideals being spread as part of America’s identity and rightly believing those ideals to be wrong and destructive. If we go back past the last seventy years or so and consider America and her history as a whole…

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