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One of the few fringe benefits of keeping a food blog is that friends assume you’d like some of the plums and pears ripening on their trees. That would be a yes. These particular trees are mossy, knobby quadragenarians with plums so perfectly ripe they have an aura. That’s why I’m embarrassed to admit what an amateur operation we ran. The technique was to shake the tree, duck as the fruit pelted down, and gather up the unscathed ones. There were enough for a few big sacks; next time we’ll be prepared with a picker, or at least helmets. There’s plenty for fresh eating and plenty for giving away and as we speak I’m trying to figure out how to use the rest.

If you’re in Seattle and can’t use everything from your overloaded fruit tree, give Lettuce Link a call at 206.633.0224. They’ll gladly pick your tree for the…

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Read Through The Catholic Bible In A Year

Amo Iesu by Grace Pax

lord's supper

Jan 1: Genesis (Gen) 1-3 & Mark 1

Jan 2: Gen 4-6

Jan 3: Gen 7-9

Jan 4: Gen 10-12 Matthew (Matt 1)

Jan 5: Gen 13-15 & Matt 2

Jan 6: Gen 16-18 & Matt 3

Jan 7: Gen 19-21 & Matt 4

Jan 8: Gen 22-24 & Mark 2

Jan 9: Gen 25-27

Jan 10: Gen 28-30

Jan 11: Gen 31-33 & Matt 5

Jan 12: Gen 34-36 & Matt 6

Jan 13: Gen 37-39 & Matt 7

Jan 14: Gen 40-42 & Matt 8

Jan 15: Gen 43-45 & Mark 3

Jan 16: Gen 46-48

Jan 17: Gen 49-50 & Exodus (Ex) 1

Jan 18: Ex 2-4 & Matt 9

Jan 19: Ex 5-7 & Matt 10

Jan 20: Ex 8-10 & Matt 11

Jan 21: Ex 11-13 & Matt 12

Jan 22: Ex 14-16 & Mark 4

Jan 23: Ex 17-19

Jan 24: Ex 20-22


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Voting the Faith

Amo Iesu by Grace Pax

in God we trust

Even though election day is still a while away, it seems like as good a time as any to discuss this topic.

As a passionate Catholic, I vote Catholic. It doesn’t matter to me what the political party in question is, and my priorities are arranged according to my Faith. (That being said, I don’t tend to vote in favor of liberal Democrats since they almost never support authentic Catholic values and I do tend to favor conservative Republicans because they usually support some key Catholic values. I have to do my homework, though because every once in a while a “conservative Republican” will turn out to have a secret anti-Catholic values agenda.) What matters is that the candidate values religious liberty and doesn’t support any of the five “non-negotiables” that we Catholics are obliged to vote against in order to remain in God’s grace.  It is, in fact, it…

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