Jesus and Thor (and the Prodigal Son)

This a post I’ve been planning to write for a long time now. Here it finally is.

Banishment of Thor


Thor: Thor is banished and exiled to Earth away from Asgard after rebelling against and disrespecting his father Odin.

Prodigal Son: The Prodigal Son leaves home disgracefully after becoming exasperated with life under his father’s rule.

Thor on Earth


Thor: Thor comes to Earth, stripped of his powers, from the supernatural world of Asgard.

Jesus: Jesus leaves behind the glory of Heaven to walk among us.

Thor’s repentance


Thor: Thor realizes his selfishness and immaturity after he is told his father is dead, and resolves to make things right.

Prodigal Son: The Prodigal realizes the misery of his situation and decides to ask his father’s forgiveness.

Thor sacrifices himself

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Thor: Thor takes a fatal blow from the Destroyer to spare his girlfriend Jane and her city from the rage of his evil brother Loki.

Jesus: Jesus allows Himself to be crucified to save His Bride the Church and all the world from the tyranny of the devil.

Thor is restored to life by his sacrifice and regains his powers


Thor: Thor proves himself worthy of the hammer (which has the symbol of the Trinity on it) and its power by his selfless act of heroism and is restored to life and power.

Jesus: Jesus rises from the dead three days after His Passion and reveals the fullness of His glory to the world.

Thor defeats the destroyer in battle


Thor: Thor’s first act after his resurrection is to wage battle on the destroyer and destroy it.

Jesus: By the power of His Death and Resurrection, Jesus defeats and destroys the power of death.

Thor returns to Asgard and promises Jane to come back for her


Thor: Thor goes back to Asgard to save his home world and bring Loki to justice, promising Jane to return for her someday soon.

Jesus: Jesus ascends into Heaven forty days after His resurrection and promises to come back soon.

Thor defeats Loki


Thor: Thor puts a stop to Loki’s evil schemes in a grand final battle.

Jesus: Jesus will crush the head of Satan once and for all at the great battle at the end of the world.

Thor is welcomed by father with open arms and given a grand banquet


Thor: Thor is reconciled to his father and welcomed with feasting.

Prodigal Son: The Prodigal Son is forgiven by his father with great rejoicing and a magnificent feast is prepared.

Thor is restored to his royal position in Asgard and re-bonds with his father

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Thor: Thor takes his rightful place in the Asgardian royal family and honors his father.

Jesus: Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father and glorifies Him forever and ever.

Jane searches for Thor

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Thor: Jane resumes her scientific investigations to search for Thor in anticipation of his promise.

Jesus: The Church, Jesus’ Bride, works and waits in hope of His Second Coming.

character parallels

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Odin — God the Father

Thor — Jesus

Frigga — Mary

Jane — the Church

Heimdall — St. Michael

Lady Sif and the Warriors Three — angels

Asgard — Heaven

Loki — the devil

the Destroyer — death