Month of St. Philomena

Amo Iesu by Grace Pax

wonder worker

July 1 through August 9 is the month of St. Philomena. The only saint to have her own 40 day “Lent” like Jesus’ prior to her feast day August 11, her month is observed through fasting on Friday and daily recitation of her chaplet in honor of her 40 day imprisonment prior to her martyrdom on August 10. The story of St. Philomena’s martyrdom comes to us through the approved visions and locutions of Mother Maria Luisa di Gesu.

“Dear Sister, August the tenth was the day of my rest, my triumph, my birth into Heaven, my entering into the possession of such eternal goods as the human mind cannot possibly imagine. That is why my Heavenly Spouse disposed, by His most high decrees that my coming to Mugnano should be on the day which had seen my coming to Heaven! He prepared so many circumstances which should make…

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