“St. Philomena: Enemy of Liberalism and Mary’s Antidote for Our World” or “Why Philomena?”

Spiritual Army for the Soul of America


“Persecution is a sign that you’re doing something right!” would be a good way to sum up how opposition is seen in the Christian worldview.  Second only to Our Lady, it would seem that no other saint has received so much persecution, both from the world and from people within her own Church, as St. Philomena  In certain areas, she has put up with even more revilement, for in the case of the Virgin Mary at least no one has thought to deny her existence.

I will not waste writing space re-telling of how these rumors against the Thaumaturga of the 19th Century started and spread, for a little time of research will reveal well enough the skeptic archaeologist’s report and the coincidental removal of her feast from the calendar during the Church’s “Missal clean-up” routine, along with St. Christopher and a lot of other saints.  Neither is it my…

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