President Trump: A Real Life Iron Man



Both are billionaire philanthropist businessmen who have dedicated their smarts and their money to helping others and serving their country.

Both have towers named after them.

Both have lots of bad guys seeking their destruction.

Both use wit, sarcasm, and humor as tools for facing their foes.

Both are said to have an ego, but mean well.

Both seek to leave a historic legacy behind them.

Both are determined and stubborn when it comes to fixing problems and standing up to enemies.

Both have have become a figurehead for fighting the good fight and standing up to bullies.

Both had reputations as players in the past, but turned their lives around when they met an incredible woman who now fights for justice with them.

Both have become major news and have made a name for themselves that infuriates and intimidates the trouble-makers of the world.

My advice to fans of our favorite armored hero who fail to see our president as a hero too would be: either embrace our president, or give up Iron Man, because they’re too much alike for you to reject one and love the other. Me? I choose to love them both.


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