The Pros & Cons of Harry Potter


Why people say it’s OK….          & why the experts know it’s not.

“It’s just a story. The witchcraft isn’t real.”….          The author, in her own words, used real spells and spell books in her books for “authenticity”. Those same spells are the ones in the movies too. “Slytherin” is the name of a real demon in wiccan/witchcraft teaching.

“It’s just a story. No one will get hurt by just enjoying the movies.”….          Ex-witch converts admit the movies are a recruiting tactic. Many possession and demonic harassment cases were found to be Harry Potter related upon investigation by deliverance teams and exorcists.

“The author was a Christian.”….       Not everyone who calls herself Christian is actually following the will of Christ. She admits, in her own words, that strange voices spoke the story to her and she wrote according to their dictation. Later, during the exorcism of a possession, the demon identified itself as “one of the six” when interrogated. Upon further interrogation, the exorcist got the demon to clarify that it was one of the six demons that dictated the Harry Potter stories.

“It’s a story of good magic versus bad magic, so these witches aren’t actually working for satan.”….          This is actually a wiccan/witchcraft teaching. High level witches teach that there are seven satanic princes and the one in charge of Christianity is known as “Voldemort”, translated “he who must not be named”. In the Harry Potter movies, Christianity is the bad guy, implying satan is the good guy. Not only is it wrong anyway to suggest witchcraft can ever be good, but the “good force” in this story is satan against the “bad force” of Christianity.

“The movies are OK, just not the books.”….          The harmful content from the books was not withheld from the movies at all. The same teachings, spells, and demon-characters are all there in the movies, and don’t forget the story itself was inspired by demons. Whether it’s the books or the movies, the source of the story is the same in both cases.

“My pastor/priest says it’s OK.”….          The general, uninformed, uneducated population will be split 50/50, so you can’t take just anyone’s word for it. You must talk to someone who’s an expert by experience or authority. Exorcists, the recently deceased Chief Exorcist of Rome, the previous pope, ex-witch converts, and all other qualified experts on witchcraft and spiritual warfare agree that Harry Potter is dangerous — not just bad, but dangerous — for the reasons given above.

“But my kids are really attached to those movies, and it doesn’t seem to be hurting them.”….          Kids get attached to dangerous things, like smoking and drugs, all the time. That’s why parents have to take charge for their kids and protect them. There are plenty of other movies and fandoms out there for your kid to get involved in that aren’t dangerous or satanic. Smoking might not kill you today, and it’s possible it might not kill you ever, but should you really take that chance? It’s the same principle. Just because you’re kids aren’t possessed or becoming real witches YET, doesn’t mean you should take chances with things you know are dangerous just because their friends like it. It’s OK to want to be your kid’s friend, but you are their protector first. Admitting and amending your mistakes will build character in your kids, so it’s worth the embarrassment to let yourself realize you were wrong or misinformed.


St. Michael, pray for us!

st michael