The Bible Woman Trilogy

Below are the links to my Bible Woman Trilogy. I was always a really big fan of Bibleman growing up, so I created Bible Woman to be his perfect counterpart shortly after coming into the Church. Bibleman serves as an influential image of the power of God’s Word and the need for devotion to Scripture to non-Catholic Christians, boys, elementary and junior high schoolers (and more recently the preschool and kindergarten crowd too), and the southern half of the U.S., so I designed Bible Woman to serve the same purpose for Catholic Christians, girls, high school and college students and adults, and the northern half of the U.S.. Hailing from the fictional town of Quartzville, South Dakota, this biblically themed heroine fights different demon-monsters representing various sins and temptations that threaten young people and all of us with memorized Scriptures like Jesus did in Matthew 4, and with the armor of God in Ephesians 6. I hope you enjoy the story, and consider giving the Bibleman show a try as well (we’re all kids at heart), which is actually mostly Catholic-friendly as far as I can tell. The three Bible Woman books are linked below:

Bible Woman

Bible Woman II

Bible Woman III

Bible Woman’s Recommended Memory Verses

God bless you!