Ven. Archbishop Sheen’s Spiritual Adoption of an Unborn Child


These prayers are said daily for nine months.  God will not refuse them!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion. Amen.

The name I wish to give my baby is ______.

Jesus, may Your peace and Your love embrace the hearts, minds, and souls of the family, friends, and loved ones who encourage this abortion and lead  them all to Your Sacred and Eucharistic Heart. Amen.


Clarification on Pope Francis’s Words

There is a lot of confusion going around in the media concerning the Pope’s recent statement on compassion in immigration management. To truly understand what the Pope said and what he was responding to in any instance, it is essential to find the transcript of the actual conversation the Pope had and look at his words in context (transcript for this particular conversation here…/… ) because the secular media is all too happy to make Christianity look bad by misrepresenting and misinterpreting. As a Catholic from the Diocese of Phoenix in Arizona, which is closer to the border than most of the USA, I’m pretty familiar with the Church’s sentiment on immigration management. You will find that the bottom line in all the Church’s words on the subject is that yes immigration management is important, but above all remember the dignity of the person (because whether you’re an illegal alien or not, you’re still a human being beloved by God) and make sure your perspective in border control is not lacking in mercy and compassion or contradictory to the immigrants’ human rights. Reading the transcript you will find that really all the Pope said was that separating families would not be in keeping with Christian charity and that he didn’t want to get involved in a political discussion. The link below will also help clarify the situation.


Voting the Faith

in God we trust

Even though election day is still a while away, it seems like as good a time as any to discuss this topic.

As a passionate Catholic, I vote Catholic. It doesn’t matter to me what the political party in question is, and my priorities are arranged according to my Faith. (That being said, I don’t tend to vote in favor of liberal Democrats since they almost never support authentic Catholic values and I do tend to favor conservative Republicans because they usually support some key Catholic values. I have to do my homework, though because every once in a while a “conservative Republican” will turn out to have a secret anti-Catholic values agenda.) What matters is that the candidate values religious liberty and doesn’t support any of the five “non-negotiables” that we Catholics are obliged to vote against in order to remain in God’s grace.  It is, in fact, it is a grave sin to vote for someone who promotes these non-negotiables.

Note of warning: Not all politicians who claim to be Catholic or Christian live that faith or support the values Christ would want him/her to. Another reason research is key.

Here are some links I find helpful when researching candidates:


Spiritual Army for the Soul of America

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soldiers flag

Spiritual Army for the Soul of America is a spiritual apostolate.

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Commitments we will make upon joining are:

— Abstain from meat (or perform some other penitential act) on non-solemnity Fridays to make reparation for our sins and those of our country, as well as for the intentions of our bishops.…/take-action…/call-to-prayer/index.cfm
— Say the Act of Self Offering by St. Therese and embrace with joy and love any crosses big or small God Our Father sends us for the salvation of our country.
— Sign up for one or more time slots of the Perpetual Rosary for America to cover our country with constant prayer and protection.…/
— Sincerely, honestly, and openly discern in prayer what other prayers, sacrifices, and sufferings Our Father desires from you to preserve our country as the Christian nation it was always destined to be.

Just like…

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My New Blog

Started a second blog to defend my dear country from the evils that threaten her true identity as “One nation under God”. Enjoy!


God bless America!

For a while now, especially since the Supreme Court voted to approve “gay marriage”, people have been falling into two traps. Some people blindly follow the majority’s views and believe the lie that the liberal ideals now being circulated and corrupting our nation are part of America’s identity and that to not follow them makes you a “hater”, “bigot”, and “un-American”. Others despair of our country and begin to turn against her in their hearts (with some even going so far as to say they hate her, or burn the flag, or call her evil because of the evil things that have been happening in her lately), also thinking of the liberal ideals being spread as part of America’s identity and rightly believing those ideals to be wrong and destructive. If we go back past the last seventy years or so and consider America and her history as a whole…

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