The “Marvel of God’s Grace” Series


Yes there is wordplay going on here. “Marvel” is referring to Marvel Universe and “Grace” is referring to my name.


Team Awesome-Nunja and Heroes Inc. versus Villains Inc.

Lady-Knight America


Agent Catholic of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Dr. Prophet: The Exile

Dr. Prophet and the Marian Alliance vs. the Coven of the Beast

Agent DARK of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Fellowship of the Iron Maid

The Rogers Family vs. the Shmidt Family

agent nunja

Tabby, the Marian Cat


tabby sings baby Jesus to sleep with her purring

tabby stayed with baby Jesus after the other animals left

tabby’s pet status as a reward for staying with the baby Jesus

m on tabby’s head resulted from Mary blessing her with initial 

best version, told as a story

tabby saved baby Jesus from devilish snake

M for Mary


A “Love Letter” from God to YOU!

Littlest Souls

Here I have created a “Love letter” from God to all sinners, by combining the words of various private revelations (without changing their true meaning) of Jesus to: St. Faustina, Sr. Josefa Menendez, Sr. Mary of the Trinity and Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero (all revelations have been taken from reliable Catholic books with an imprimatur):

“You know that it is the property of fire to destroy and to enkindle. In the same way, My Heart’s property is to pardon, love, and purify. Never think that I shall cease to love you because of your miseries… No, My Heart loves you and will never forsake you… Each soul is a matchless treasure to Me!… My love has no limits… My mercy is more abundant for sinners than the just… they have a right before others to trust in the abyss of My mercy… I pursue sinners as justice pursues criminals. But justice…

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What Altar Boys Can Do That Altar Girls Can’t

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liturgy guy


This past week the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released the findings from the 2014 Survey of Ordinands to the Priesthood. Prepared by Georgetown’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) for the USCCB, the survey was completed by 365 ordinands, which constitutes a 77 percent response rate. At nearly 30 pages, there is a great deal of data to digest.

While the USCCB press release focused on areas such as the ethnicity and median age of this years ordinands, something far more interesting was tucked in at the bottom of the release.

Of the 365 men surveyed this year, a whopping 80 percent had been altar boys during their formative years. In comparison, only 52 percent of ordinands had been lectors, less than a third had been youth ministers and only 15 percent had ever attended a World Youth Day or a Steubenville Youth Conference.

Don’t just…

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Spiritual Army for the Soul of America

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Spiritual Army for the Soul of America

soldiers flag

Spiritual Army for the Soul of America is a spiritual apostolate.

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Commitments we will make upon joining are:

— Abstain from meat (or perform some other penitential act) on non-solemnity Fridays to make reparation for our sins and those of our country, as well as for the intentions of our bishops.…/take-action…/call-to-prayer/index.cfm
— Say the Act of Self Offering by St. Therese and embrace with joy and love any crosses big or small God Our Father sends us for the salvation of our country.
— Sign up for one or more time slots of the Perpetual Rosary for America to cover our country with constant prayer and protection.…/
— Sincerely, honestly, and openly discern in prayer what other prayers, sacrifices, and sufferings Our Father desires from you to preserve our country as the Christian nation it was always destined to be.

Just like…

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My New Blog

Started a second blog to defend my dear country from the evils that threaten her true identity as “One nation under God”. Enjoy!

Spiritual Army for the Soul of America

God bless America!

For a while now, especially since the Supreme Court voted to approve “gay marriage”, people have been falling into two traps. Some people blindly follow the majority’s views and believe the lie that the liberal ideals now being circulated and corrupting our nation are part of America’s identity and that to not follow them makes you a “hater”, “bigot”, and “un-American”. Others despair of our country and begin to turn against her in their hearts (with some even going so far as to say they hate her, or burn the flag, or call her evil because of the evil things that have been happening in her lately), also thinking of the liberal ideals being spread as part of America’s identity and rightly believing those ideals to be wrong and destructive. If we go back past the last seventy years or so and consider America and her history as a whole…

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