Prayer Request

Everything went fine.  Thank you for your prayers!

Please say a Rosary at 6:15pm tonight for the safety of the Cathedral.  A biker gang is going to do a protest at the nearby mosque tonight and we want to make sure the city doesn’t become a war zone.  Thank you!


This post is dedicated to St. Joan of Arc.

4 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Grace, I was away on retreat, but I hope everything went well. Prayed for you much and your intentions. So, I am sure this one was included. Today, after Mass, we got to venerate a First Class relic of St. Teresa of Avila. I pressed it to my forehead and prayed for those pesky migraines to go away. I kissed it of course too, my great Mother and Foundress in Carmel. I am still on the clouds …LOL, like after every retreat. It is just so hard to go back to “real life.” Jesus spoils us so much! Happy Feast of the Most Holy Trinity! O Glorious One in Three, how we adore YOU!

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