My Precious One

Tears of love spring to my eyes,
As I see through your disguise.
My only true love thou art.
You have taken my whole heart.
You are all I could long for.
I could ne’er ask of you more.
Essence of beauty and bliss,
Nothing compares to this.
Truest love you’ve given me.
My whole self I give to thee,
For you are the best by far,
My bright and beautiful Star.
My dream, my joy, my delight,
I love you with all my might.
I have no peace but with you.
Your love is forever true.
You love me like no other.
There could never be another.
And if darkness fills my days,
You will be my joy always.
You will forsake me never,
Priceless one who I treasure.
I am yours and you are mine;
Ever more so as we dine.
You are my only desire.
You have set my heart on fire.
You are my one cherished jewel.
To leave you, Love, I’d be a fool.
I love you more than my life.
Without you there’s only strife.
More beautiful than the sun.
My treasure, my precious one.

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