Happy Birthday Mother Church!


Dearest Mother,

Since Pentecost is said to be your birthday, I would like to take a moment to thank you for some of the amazing gifts you’ve given me (there’s too many for me to list them all):

  • Thank you for the Mass!  Today’s Mass was so beautiful that I almost cried several times!  Such beautiful consolations!
  • Thank you for the priesthood!  Having an alter christus on earth and a spiritual Father is joy beyond description!
  • Thank you for Confession and indulgences!  I definitely need them!
  • Thank you for the other Sacraments!  They’re amazing!
  • Thank you for Liturgy!  It is SO awesomely beautiful!
  • Thank you for such a rich treasury of prayers!  Especially the Rosary!
  • Thank you for the Saints!  They’re awesome beyond words!
  • Thank you for your wisdom!  I’m glad I can turn to you for the counsel I need!
  • Thank you for everything!

With all the love of my heart,

your daughter Grace

The Mass is the Church’s love song to her Beloved.

sacred host

This post is dedicated to the Sorrowful Mother, Queen of Martyrs.

Click the menu button in the top right corner of the screen blog button to check out my two newest pages: “Table of Contents” and “Prayer Intentions for the Little Flowers”.  Happy Pentecost!

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